Construction Update

Construction of the new building at LBP is nearing completion with an expected handover date at the end of August. Final touches and landscaping are being completed during August. The new building has been built in compliance with the latest construction standards and includes solar panels, LED lighting and energy efficiency by design. We would like to thank all out tenants for their patience in this matter.

The development on the adjacent area by Caddick has also continued but tenants should experience a lower level of disruption now that the connections to the roadway have been made. The development will be accessed via two separate entrances to the North and South of Enterprise Drive. To protect members of the public the footpath has had to be diverted but this will be re-instated once the development reaches the next phase. There will be a designated foot and cycleway as there was before. There will also be landscaping to ensure that noise levels are reduced and wildlife areas to allow the local birds, flora and fauna to grow.